[Travel/Korea] My first day in South Korea

June 26, 2011

On the first day of my long-awaited maiden trip to South Korea, it rained.

It rained so heavily I think it could qualify as a typhoon. My friends and I were all drenched wet despite wearing ponchos because the wind was too strong. Luggage all wet too. It did not help that we took the airport limousine bus, thinking it would bring us right to the doorstep of Yonsei University, where we were headed to for a one-month language immersion programme. Instead, the university was situated atop a mountain, and the bus stop was at the foot of it. Perhaps because we come from a country where the highest “mountain” is a mere rock outcrop called Bukit Timah Hill, we attempted to drag our luggage up the slope in the pouring rain, thinking our dorm was within walking distance. We gave up eventually and hailed two separate taxis instead (because our luggage were humongous). The taxi drivers were annoyed with us because we wet their car seats and they refused to step out into the rain to help us with our luggage…oh well. Turns out our Muak dormitory was situated right deep inside the campus and the slope leading to the dorm was almost 90 degrees I could hear the roar of the taxi’s engine as the taxi tried to move its way up. I feared that the taxi would actually roll back down the slope…

Here’s how our dorm looked like:

My room shared with another classmate.

My room shared with another classmate.

our messy hallway hahaha

our messy hallway hahaha



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