[Music] SPEED – 슬픈약속 (Sad Promise) feat. Davichi

I love this song for a number of reasons — the background instrumentals, the MV, and Ji Chang Wook.

The MV is set in the tumultuous period of Korean history and depicts the tragic fictional love story of four university students who were torn apart by the Gwangju massacre. This brought to mind the movie May 18, which was also about the Gwangju incident. However, I personally felt that the incident had no relation whatsoever to the song, so I do not understand why they had to choose the Gwangju Massacre as the setting for the MV. It would have made more sense if the song was released in May to commemorate the incident or something. Otherwise, I thought it might be rather insensitive to use such a tragic incident for purely commercial purpose. I remembered seeing some Koreans commenting on the video that this was uncalled for.

You may call me shallow, but I was able to close one eye to this problem thanks to Ji Chang Wook (rather than close an eye, my eyes were always on him lol). He is one of my favourite actors and I realise he has been starring in quite a number of MVs. Perhaps he sees starring in MVs as opportunities to try out new roles or lengthen his resume, but I would prefer if he spends his time filming better dramas. Or better still, release his own song and star in his own MV, because this guy CAN SING! The MV also stars Park Bo Young of Werewolf Boy fame. The story continues in SPEED’s MV “It’s Over”, though in my opinion, the story is a really short one that is purposefully edited with lots of repetitions to produce 2 videos worth of content.

Anyway, I especially liked the background music and the chorus sang by Davichi. I’m not sure what was the main instrument used here (is it the saxophone?) but it gives the song a very distinctive sound and also matches the sombre mood of the video, like one would hear at a funeral (I’m not referring to the rap of course).

Although the singers (SPEED) did not appear in the MV at all, but I’m not complaining since I get to see Ji Chang Wook, hahaha. I still don’t know how they look like, but so far, I’m liking what I hear from them, so I’ll be looking out for their new songs in the future 🙂



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