[Travel/Food] Sumptuous Korean Shabu Shabu @ 채선당

This meal made quite an impression on me because it was my first-ever meal in Korea, and most importantly, it was delicious!

Look at all the ingredients! And the meat!!

Look at all the ingredients! And the meat!!

I don’t know the exact name of the dish, but it is a type of Shabu Shabu found at 채선당(菜鲜堂/Chaesundang), which can be literally translated as Hall of Fresh Vegetables.

Eating this is quite a complicated process, so try this only if you have time to spare!

Step 1: Cut the vegetables and add them into the soup
Step 2: Add the meat in and cook it

After adding in the vegetables

Step 3: Add in the noodles

Add in the noodles!

Step 4: Rice is poured into the leftover soup and mixed with egg to produce porridge

The porridge may not look appetizing here, but it tastes good!

I was amazed that so many courses could emerge from a single dish. You can imagine how full I was from eating this! If you love steamboat/Shabu Shabu, you may want to try this!


Chaesundang Jongro Branch
43-12 Gwancheol-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82 2-736-3113 ‎
(There are many other branches across the country, so you need not visit this one. Visit their website for list of branches.)

How the shop’s entrance looks like

Take the train to Jonggak Station on Line 1, go to Exit 4. Follow the yellow line on the map below.



As this was my first day in Korea, I was still unfamiliar with the surroundings and merely followed a Korean friend around, so I am unable to provide additional information such as pricing.


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