[Travel/Food] Army Stew@오감 (Ogamm)

부대찌개 (pronounced Bu-dae-jjigae), also known as army stew, is a type of korean strew where ingredients such as sausages, ham and rice cakes are cooked with instant noodles in kimchi soup. This is one of my favourite korean dishes, partly because I have always loved instant noodles. It is said that this dish originated during the Korean War, when food was scarce, so people started to add army rations such as Spam to their meals.

The first time I tried this dish was at a restaurant called Ogamm, which means “the five senses” in Korean. It was by chance that my friends and I decided to enter this restaurant in Sinchon one night after shopping, when we were desperate for food. Drawn by the mouth-watering pictures on the menu and the reasonable pricing, we had dinner here, and I’m glad we chose this place.

I did not manage to take much pictures, probably due to hunger then. Prices here start from 5, 500 won per person. They offer different kinds of meat or seafood to go with the stew, which explains the price differences. You may refer to this blog for more pictures of the restaurant and the food.  

Seodaemun, Sinchon-ro 105-5
대한민국 서울 서대문구 창천동 18-36 (신촌로 105-5)
Take the train to Sinchon station, Line 2, exit 3 or 4


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