[Kdrama review] The Great Seer 대풍수


Genre: Historical, politics, romance, action

Synopsis: This drama traces the history of the fall of Goryeo and the founding of Joseon. Ji Sang (Ji Sung) is an intelligent and gifted fengshui master who uses his knowledge to help Lee Seong Gye (Ji Jin Hee) become the first king of Joseon.


Ok, I admit that the above synopsis does not give a complete picture of the story, but the plot is simply too convoluted and draggy to be explained in full. I started off finding the show quite interesting, but there were way too many time jumps and illogical plot and character developments that destroyed what ever love I had for the show in the beginning. The actors all did a good job, but the writing here is the biggest problem. I tried to turn a blind eye to the loopholes initially, but there were too many gaping ones that I could no longer ignore them eventually. I found it harder and harder to understand the motivation behind Ban Ya’s (Lee Yoon Ji) and Jung Geun’s (Song Chang Eui) actions as the story progressed, and it made me uncomfortable to see so many of the good characters being corrupted by power and resort to evil means to achieve their aims. Even Ji Sang had his own ‘corrupt’ moments. I understand that the actual characters in real history were not saints but I thought the drama would at least try to portray them in a good light to make me root for them. Well, thumbs up to the writers for sticking to the real version of history so closely. Moreover, the show failed to convince me that Lee Seong Gye was fit to be a king. He seemed so clueless and fickle-minded throughout the show. Ji Sang was the real brain behind him instead, which explains he had such an ending in the last episode (I shan’t reveal it). I’ve never seen any of Kim So Yeon’s shows before but I can tell that she was gravely miscast here. She didn’t have many scenes despite being the lead actress, and her character was probably the weakest among all the females in the show.


Disappointing. The only good thing is that you come out more knowledgeable about Korean history.

Overall: 3/10

Enjoyment level: 4/10

(I probably would have awarded high marks if I had gave up watching before the last major time jump where they all grew moustaches)


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