[Movie review] 차형사 Runway Cop

Gosh, what did I just watch?

Genre: Comedy, romance, action

Synopsis: A filthy and overweight cop, Cha Cheol Su (Kang Ji Hwan), is tasked with an undercover mission as a model to investigate a narcotics case. He gets assigned to a famous fashion designer (Sung Yuri) who gives him a makeover and trains him to be the perfect model.

Kang Ji Hwan struts his stuff on the catwalk

Kang Ji Hwan struts his stuff on the catwalk


Looking at the premise, one shouldn’t expect much from this show, but I had expected some sense to prevail in the plot. Seeing that this movie is directed by the same director who helmed the highly-successful My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent (which also starred Kang Ji Hwan), I found this movie a big let down. One of the car chase scenes were in fact borrowed from My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent. I could tell that it was an intentional reference to Kang Ji Hwan’s bumbling spy character in that movie to draw laughs, but to me, it seemed like a blatant attempt to recycle an old joke in a new movie. I felt that the movie made a rather feeble attempt to integrate the drug case with the fashion show and I couldn’t quite follow the story at certain parts. Cha came across as a bumbling cop rather than a smart one, especially since he didn’t seem to make any attempts to conceal his cop identity even when he was supposedly working undercover. Many scenes (yeah, many shirtless ones too) were obviously meant as vanity shows for the various well-built actors in this show, especially for Kang Ji Hwan, not that I mind though, ha. There’s also the usual bout of crude sexual jokes typical of Korean movies. What I really enjoyed were the scenes of Lee Hee Joon as a bumbling cop on roller blades who always happens to be peeing whenever his skates go out of control. LOL, crude indeed.


This is definitely your average B-grade movie where you just leave your brain at the door and enjoy the fun and the pretty.

2/5 stars


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