[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 3&4


Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but any show that succeeds in making my heart race is a good show. This drama not only did just that, I had to make pauses to calm down for fear that my heart would explode from beating too much. Not sure if it’s because I’m Lee Junki biased or what, but I’m really enjoying everything about this show.

What really delighted me were the constant references to Jang Tae San’s movie collection, and it’s amusing to see him relying on his knowledge of movies to help him escape from the good guys, bad guys and almost everyone. We were shown short glimpses of his love for movies in the early episodes, so it is reassuring to know that such details were not added in for nothing but actually serve a purpose to the story. I’m hoping the movie references will be a recurring thing in this show, and I’m curious to see what other movies will crop up in the upcoming episodes.

It is also refreshing to see what kind of tactics Tae-san will come up with. He’s no genius, just an ordinary guy who panics and freaks out when he gets cornered, and cries when he is sad, so I’m glad there were ample scenes to show his raw emotions and inner thoughts. The scenes of him talking to the stuffed monkey or his imaginary daughter also serve this purpose nicely, since he has no one to talk to to make known his thoughts otherwise. I thought the scene of him cutting his handcuffs was also artistically well-done. It was a tense and painful ordeal, but the sparks are like rays of hope of him being one step, albeit small, closer to freedom.


Episode 4 really caught me by surprise when he took the innocent mother and daughter as hostages. I know episode 1 already made it clear to us that he’s not your typical good guy, but I really thought that would be the end of his rouge ways, so his actions here really prove that one doesn’t change overnight. One gripe I have is that Tae-san seems to get too lucky sometimes though, like the girl not reporting him to the police, and his glasses being able to fool the cops. If I were taken hostage, I probably wouldn’t cover up for my kidnapper even if he was a nice guy. As for his disguise, he would’ve been able to blend in with the crowd, but fooling an officer at close range? It requires some suspension of belief, but I’ll accept it since there are several reasons to explain why his disguise worked. Maybe he inherited Jeon Woo-Chi’s powers (just kidding). But with the whole world against him now, I guess Tae-san deserves some luck on his side if he’s going to last till the 14th day.

I still don’t quite understand the motivations of the female politician. Keeping a noble image is one thing, but going to such lengths as to build an underground house to conceal her life of luxury? I don’t see the need to go to such an extent. What good is there being rich if you have to live like a prisoner? Also, I wonder if Teacher Kim (the assassin) is really the biological son of Moon Il Seok. I doubt he is. No father in his right mind would want his own son to grow up as a killer, so I suspect he might have some back story as to how he ended up serving Moon. Are there any fellow Gaksital fans who remember Kimura Kenji? I’m happy to see him appearing in this show as a smart guy for once after playing the foolish cop in Gakisital and then as a goofy editor in Jeon Woo Chi. I don’t know the actor’s name; I’ll probably remember him forever as Kimura Kenji, haha.


Kimura Kenji gets smarter

Currently, Lee Junki seems to be carrying the whole show by himself (I’m not complaining heehee), so I can’t wait for Park Jae Kyung to up her game. Right now, the police are always playing catch-up with him. I’ll expect them to be smart enough to set a trap for him next time. Also, I’m surprised that this show is really going with one day per episode. Does this mean we will only have 16 episodes? I was hoping to have 20, but such a format makes it impossible to have any extensions. But if that means compromising on the storyline, then I’ll prefer to stick to 16.

I was very surprised to see that the OST is already available for pre-order. I was expecting more songs to be released along the way, so I thought it wouldn’t be released this soon. I guess this shows that the production team already had the whole story, including the songs, planned out right from the start, which is reassuring. The album contains 10 tracks, with only 3 songs and the rest being instrumental tracks. Rather unusual. I hope they release a special OST though, preferably with a Lee Junki song included.

Personally, I enjoyed episode 3 more than 4. Can’t explain why. I’ve also developed this unnecessary obsession of checking out the viewership ratings of every episode after they air. I can’t stand it when good shows don’t get the recognition they deserve. I’m glad that Two Weeks is receiving much praise though, and Lee Junki’s fan base has probably increased thanks to this show.


P.S. I know I’m one week late in writing this because I’ve been too caught up with work now that the new school semester has started. I’m also working freelance on top of that, so I’m about to pull my hair out from having to juggle with so many things. I was intending to write a weekly post on this drama every week, but I’m not sure if I even have the time for this. I’ll probably manage somehow, I guess.


3 thoughts on “[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 3&4

  1. just completed episode 3….I have a doubt….when did Tae San’s daughter find out that he is the one who is donating bone marrow….or did she just deduce it when she saw him in the hospital?? (actually it has been a week since I watched ep 1 and 2 and can’t remember about this particular thing)

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