[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 5&6


Despite some scenes that verge on being clichéd and shirtless scenes that make me wish they were edited out instead, I’m still loving Two Weeks for its nice blend of action, wits and heart. For the record, Lee Junki is best watched with his clothes ON.

Before I go on to Lee Junki and his bod, let me start off with what I liked first.

My favourite scene in these two episodes has to be the garbage truck chase scene where our trash of a hero Jang Tae-san flings deadly rubbish out of the moving garbage truck at Teacher Kim chasing from behind. The garbage connotations of this scene may or may not be intentional (extra points to writer if she really considered this), but I liked the way this scene was filmed. The placement of the camera ON the garbage truck and IN Teacher Kim’s car creates a scene that is similar to how one would see in a computer game, such that the viewer assumes the roles of Tae-san flinging the rubbish and Teacher Kim driving the car. Maybe it’s because I play a lot of video games, but that’s how I saw it. I think this effectively upped the excitement level as you can see the impact of the bottle smashing against the windscreen and the sudden swerves of the car.

Don't mess with a guy on a garbage truck

Don’t mess with a guy on a garbage truck

Another favourite scene would be the chance meeting between Tae-san and Soo Jin at the hospital. Soo Jin’s love for her father whom she hardly knew was really fleshed out in this week’s episode, where we see her dreaming about Tae-san, her unspoken preference for her real dad over nice Seungwoo ahjusshi, and her immense joy at seeing her father again that she even continues to jump like a happy little bunny on her hospital bed after that. These scenes really hit me in the heart as we can see that Soo Jin really loves her dad unconditionally, and he really needs some loving right now. Although I feel kind of sorry for Seung Woo, I really can’t help but ship Tae-san and Soo Jin, haha. Tae-san seeing his daughter vomit right in front of him but yet not being able to do anything was heart wrenching. And ending off the episode with Moon Il Seok leering at innocent Soo Jin with those evil eyes make me fear for father and daughter. He’d better not do anything to Soo Jin!


I ship these two

As for the part where Tae-san helped deliver a baby, I found it rather far-fetched. What are the chances of running into a pregnant lady in the bushes in such a desolate area? I can see why the writer included this scene — the pregnant lady is just one of the many strangers who will help Tae-san regain his humanity and face his past, but I wished the writer had integrated this into the main story in a more convincing manner rather than shoving it in your face. Also, how is it possible that Tae-san had never seen a woman give birth before? Surely he must have at least seen such a thing in one of the movies in his video collection? But seeing how Tae-san cried so hard when he finally understood how much In-hye had suffered to bring his daughter into this world alone softened my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This is also the first time that I’m seeing a show where the baby actually looked convincing as a newborn. In most shows, the babies often look too clean and too big to be a newborn. Just saying.


A new life brings new light to our broken hero

Now,  I don’t mean to sound like a pervert but I need to get this off my chest. As much as I like Lee Junki, I personally feel that he’s not cut out for shirtless scenes. I’ve noticed that he has many scenes in this drama that require him to go shirtless. I’ve seen most of his previous shows and I don’t recall him going shirtless before in his long career (except maybe this?). Perhaps due to his body being too slender (remember King and the Clown?), but it seems like his body has still remained more or less the same way even after army. So rather than making me swoon, his shirtless scenes actually have the effect of making me want to drape a towel over him. Maybe he’s okay with going shirtless now, but I wonder if there’s a no-nipples clause in his contract seeing how they take special care not to show them. I’m probably sounding very horny now but I’m actually advocating for a reduction/removal of such scenes in the future, lol. He’s no Song Seung Heon alright. And he can manage fine with his acting chops alone, so there’s no need to resort to such fan service, I feel. I don’t mean to sound like I’m criticising him for not having chocolate abs, but I like the way he is. There’s no need for him to go work out at the gym specially for us, neither does he need to strip for the camera if he’s uncomfortable with it.


Moving along (to less horny stuff), Seung Woo is becoming more detestable now that he has been consumed by anger, jealousy, and other personal feelings that cloud his judgement of Tae-san. I like this change of character though, and I look forward to see how his conflict with Tae-san will play out in subsequent episodes. Although I’m still not quite impressed with Kim So Yeon’s acting, I do like her character as the tomboyish looking female prosecutor. As this reporter nicely pointed out, Park Jae Kyung does not follow the usual caricature of a typical female character. She sports a short crop, wears sports shoes and male clothing, and her room is also devoid of the usual stuffed toys typical of females in kdramas. She also lashes out freely at Seung Woo’s incompetence, so I welcome such subversion of the stereotypical weak female characterisation. I’m also glad that Park Jae Kyung has finally learnt about Tae-san’s daughter and his motivations somewhat, so I wonder if she will actually be teaming up with him any time soon. She’s smart, so she will be a good ally to have. Now that we are talking about smart characters, this show has no lack of them, and I like that even those of a lower age/societal level such as the garbage collectors and Tae-san’s young daughter are able to make intelligent decisions.


Seungwoo letting his emotions get to his head

On the other hand, I’m somewhat disappointed that there were no references to other classic movies in these two episodes, and the story’s adherence to time also seems be less evident here. In episode 6 especially, there were hardly any time checks to let us know the time of the day. Both episodes also ended before the sun had even set, so concluding with the gigantic D-11/D-10 time stamp did not seem to make sense, and made things confusing too. I hope they remember to go by the clock in the next episode. Although there were no references to Hollywood movies this time, I can’t help but wonder if they were paying homage to Lee Junki’s ghost-seeing magistrate whenever they mention about ghosts in this show. One can only wonder…

I miss Eun-ho, yup.

I miss Eun-ho, yup.


7 thoughts on “[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 5&6

  1. Oh I really loved that garbage truck sequence too. I wished it was longer! I was hoping for like, a whole Terminator-like chase sequence. Sadly it did not materialise. I thought it said alot about his state of mind too at that point. As for the baby, ah well, this show does not score points for subtlety isn’t it? But Lee Jun Ki is so sincere I’m happy to roll with it. With this show, I roll my eyes alot and then let it go. And Jae Kyung, the moment she jumped off the cliff I forgave her for all her earlier hysterics. BADASS. Also, I wasn’t paying enough attention to LJK shirtless to notice the nipples (or lack thereof). Again, I’m impressed by your powers of observation ;P

    1. I try to close one eye whenever Tae-san seems to get too lucky, and I agree with you that Lee Junki’s impressive acting is one of the reasons why I’m letting these eye-roll-worthy moments slide. I also prefer badass Jaekyung to a sobbing Jaekyung, but she’s a girl so I should cut her some slack I guess. Erm, regarding the shirtless scenes, I somehow felt that he was always very conscious of it and he even had his arm across his chest the whole time, that’s why.

      1. Oh really? I now feel like I must go re-watch that shirtless scene to see if I missed something. Oh now that I think about it, I took it to mean Tae San was erm, shy in front of hermity old man. Hah.

  2. I remember LJK’s lack of shirtless scenes getting discussed during “Arang and the Magistrate” and I think he’s stated that he’s too lazy to do the working out required to get the cut look most often seen in k-dramas. He’s athletic (I think he’s got a high ranking in… some martial art — I can’t remember what), but he prefers to do that then weight train.

    I can’t source any of this of course — but I did notice that his “shirtless” scenes weren’t all that revealing. I figured they were there to show vulnerability (his hopelessness in the shower, his desperation after his gunshot wound, etc.).

    Agreed about the somewhat convincing newborn, by the way! I think that added to the poignancy of the scene. Though I still give LJK the bulk of credit there. He’s doing a great job. 🙂

    1. I think he has a black belt in Taekwondo and some other similar martial arts, which I think is impressive since he’s probably one of the few korean actors out there who is actually skilled in fighting. But after seeing him being so clumsy in the variety show Family Outing (falling into the water, slipping while chopping bamboo etc.) I changed my mind about him being athletic hahaha!

      1. Aaaand now I have to go check out LJK’s episode of Family Outing. 😉 (I found the episodes. Now I just need to find the time…)

        If I recall correctly — he actually coordinated his fights scenes in AatM. Because he was fresh out of the army so he was a bit rusty and he knew what he could do and couldn’t do. And I was just impressed he knew enough to coordinate his own fights! Because they looked pretty darn good. 🙂 (There must have been a link to an interview with him that I’m pulling all this info from my head. Probably provided by Dramabeans, since they’re my go-to source.)

  3. Why did i discovered u now!!!! This is so unfair!! I could have joined the fangirling when the drama was airing!! None of my friends were watching this drama so i had to fangirl all alone while watching it… well i loved ur review :3

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