[Stargazing] We meet again, Seunggi!


Everyone’s-favourite-guy Lee Seunggi is currently in our “sunny” island of Singapore for his second fan meeting. Ok, “sunny” is an adjective often used to describe our island that sits on the equator, but the weather here has been very stormy lately. In fact, there’s a storm raging outside as I type now and there have been many reports of flooding, so poor Seunggi will probably not enjoy any sunshine during his two-day stay here. Anyway, I got to see Lee Seunggi at his public press conference held a few hours ago, woohoo!

I managed to snag a good spot right in front of the stage but ended up being blocked by the emcee throughout the whole 30-minutes of the event 😦 Here are some photos that I managed to take of Mr Perfect:

Lee Seunggi gave a goodbye kiss before exiting the stage. This shot is possibly my best one of him so far. It deserves a standalone space of its own here, haha!



Frankly, I was quite disappointed that his press conference this time round was so short. I got to see him the first time when he came last year for his first fan meeting, and the press conference then lasted almost an hour, where we got to hear him dish out some interesting information about himself. I won’t be going for his fan meeting tomorrow night though, because I’ve decided once is probably enough. I attended his fan meeting last year, which was quite enjoyable and he sang about 8 of his hit songs. But I would really prefer to watch him perform at his solo concert rather than see him play silly games with fans, that’s why I’ve decided to give his fan meeting a miss this time round.

To be honest, I really liked him a lot last year after watching King 2 Hearts. And his visit came at such an opportune time when I had just finished watching the drama and found out that there were still tickets left to his fan meeting, so I immediately rushed to buy one of the few remaining tickets left for myself. I had seen “Brilliant Legacy” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” prior to King 2 Hearts, but it was the latter that really impressed me and turned me into a fan. I even found myself listening to many of his songs, although I must admit that not all of them are to my liking. But his “Shadow” and “Tonight” albums are quite nice to listen to. On the other hand, I was really excited for “Gu Family Book”, but after learning about the ending, I changed my mind about it, and I still have not seen it yet. I’ll probably try to watch it one day though, since I do like fantasy dramas. Sigh, when will he ever hold a solo concert here??? I’m still waiting…

These were taken at his press conference last year:

And here’s a fancam that I took during his fan meeting last year:

A group photo that we took with Seunggi at his fan meeting last year. I’m somewhere in this picture, but I’m not telling! Haha


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