[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 9&10


This week’s episodes are noticeably less action-packed than the previous ones as Taesan is now becoming an expert at his game of hide-and-seek as he starts playing mind games with his pursuers. There’s enough suspense to keep the show exciting with more flashbacks than usual to calm my nerves in between. But the writer obviously overestimated my level of intelligence as a viewer because I was left terribly confused in episode 10. I had to watch it twice to fully understand what happened. Show sure gave my brain a good workout.

Taesan taking his own sweet time packing his stuff and showering in his home at the beginning of episode 9 really made me want to yell at him to hurry up and get moving, but there’s also this feeling of satisfaction seeing how Taesan is able to get himself organised and navigate the place expertly simply because it’s his home. Although Taesan did cry and think of Man Seok in previous episodes, I’m glad that he was given the chance to properly send his friend off this time, like what any real friend and human would do. Some shows have the tendency to kill off a character and not give due attention to his/her death afterwards, so I really appreciated this scene. I remember watching the first Percy Jackson movie some time ago and getting really angry at the protagonist for brushing off his mother’s death like he’d lost a mere stuffed toy (It’s your mother for goodness sake! Couldn’t you express more grief?!). I guess Asian dramas are better at bringing out the emotional and human aspect of a story.


Friends forever

Imaginary Soo Jin seems to be making more frequent appearances now instead of the stuffed monkey (did he lose it at the warehouse or is it still in his bag?), and I like that they make the effort to have both Taesan and Soo Jin move in tandem. I saw a behind-the-scenes footage where they shot a scene several times just to make sure that father and daughter were walking in sync. I really love this show’s attention to detail. But I guess live shoots mean that the show is not immune to editing mistakes. Spotted another one this week — Man Seok’s girlfriend was watching the news with her friend, but when Taesan peeked through the shop window, the TV wasn’t on.


Father and daughter walking with coordinated footsteps

The chase scene with Teacher Kim and Taesan is possibly my favourite one this week. I really like how Taesan outsmarted both the police and his assassin, and the scene of Taesan jumping out of the bus in slow motion was artistically shot with a great background soundtrack to boot. In Hye’s mission to fool the police and find the camera in episode 10 was really elaborately planned, and I only realised after my second round of viewing that Taesan’s phone conversation with her was all an act. There were also a lot of unexplained scenes that showed Taesan planning and doing stuff that we do not understand, such as Taesan walking past Misook’s house and Taesan writing an email to an unknown person. These served to confuse me more, but I suppose all these will be explained in the next episode. Also, can someone tell me why Taesan would give his ring to Man Seok’s girlfriend?

Soo Jin’s continuation of her story about the sun and the mountain was a surprise, which makes me wonder how the story will end (please, don’t kill Taesan, I beg you). I do hope In Hye and Taesan get a happy ending, especially now that In Hye seems to have forgiven him since she now calls him “oppa” instead of those harsh words that she used in previous episodes. In Hye was also more spunky and cheerful in the flashbacks, so is it too much for me to hope that this couple can go back to their pure, innocent selves like they were in the past?


I demand a happy ending for this two!

Till now, I still wonder if Moon Il Seok and Teacher Kim are really father and son. Moon seemed to display some kind of fatherly concern for Teacher Kim when he was advising him not to expose his identity. Jo Seo Hee’s interactions with her son on the other hand seemed more freaky instead. Also, it seems like our spy is now narrowed down to those two candidates that I pointed out last week.

I must admit that I didn’t enjoy this week’s episodes as much as I would because the previous ones really set the bar high with all those action scenes. There were a lot of revelations and the characters are starting to connect the dots together, but Seung Woo being In Hye’s fiance, Taesan being Soo Jin’s donor…we viewers already knew all of these a long time ago, which is probably why I felt bored at times. I only managed to better appreciate these two episodes after watching them twice. The cast is probably working round the clock now to film the upcoming episodes, but I happened to chance upon the Korean written previews of episodes 11 and 12, and I didn’t like what I saw. Writer seems to be recycling something from an earlier episode, and I really hope the story doesn’t go there. I shan’t reveal the spoilers, but all I can say now is…Noooooooooo!

Allow me to fangirl, but Lee Junki with glasses and permed hair is just asdhfdlkshldfh

Allow me to fangirl, but Lee Junki with glasses and permed hair makes for such perfect eye candy.


One thought on “[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 9&10

  1. I love the father-daughter scenes. That Su-jin was there while Tae-san remembered Man-seok was so awesome. (I totally agree that it was cool for the show to give Tae-san the time to remember his friend.)

    I hope his good-luck gorilla doll isn’t lost! He promised Su-jin he’d return it! (Maybe because he imagined Su-jin so much Tae-san didn’t have a need to use his good-luck charm?)

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