[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 11&12


Is it just me or does the second half of this series seem to zoom past in a flash? We are only left with two more weeks to the finale!! I’ll be sad to bid this show goodbye. I’m still enjoying this show, although not as much as I did with the first half. The acting and pacing are still top-notch, but this show is starting to demand for a lot of suspension of belief from its viewers.

Firstly, let’s start with what I liked this week. Jae-kyung’s and Tae-san’s alliance! It’s great to see Tae-san finally getting some support from the police, and he surprisingly seems to be smarter than them since he’s the one coming up with all the strategies. Jae-kyung taking Tae-san to her house was quite funny, Β and it made me suddenly wish for a love-line between this two. I think Jae-kyung might actually wear the pants in this relationship, haha.

A reversal of gender roles?

A reversal of gender?

I also wanted to pump my fist in the air when In-hye showed such bravery in whacking the invincible Teacher Kim with that signboard, all for the sake of saving Tae-san. It was such a stark contrast from the usual In-hye we see sitting around in the hospital, but come to think of it, she always had that spunk in her in the flashbacks.

The scene where In-hye found out that Soo-jin already knew the identity of her birth father made me tear up, and so did every other Taesan-Soojin interaction. The nightmare that Tae-san had of him appearing on the surgery day in handcuffs really moved me to tears. Impressive acting from both father and daughter. How is it that this little girl has so much acting talent in her? She needs a child star acting award.


This was also the first time that I was truly impressed with Kim So Yeon’s acting. The scene where she seemed to take on the personality of Jo Seohee was really terrifying somewhat and also impressive. Oh, and I was so surprised and happy that we finally got to hear Lee Junki speak in his native Busan dialect! Although it was only a few lines, it made me very happy since he rarely uses it on camera.

Now, for the complaints. I know this show had some unrealistic plot developments right from the start, especially the part involving the pregnant woman. This show is such a dilemma because on the one hand, I find the characters and relationships to be very realistic, but yet many of the elaborate strategies that the police and Tae-san pull off can be quite unbelievable. In this week, how is it that Tae-san managed to escape from the pawnshop so quickly by sawing the window grills? He must’ve started sawing when Moon Ilseok’s minions were climbing up the stairs or else he could have just left via the stairs, but sawing the window grills in such a short time would have been no mean feat.


Did he saw the grills before hand?

Also, the way Han Chi-gook helped Tae-san enter Moon Ilseok’s house undetected also seemed quite far-fetched. Based on the CCTV camera angle, the security would have seen Tae-san emerge from under the cardboards and scale the wall. I had to convince myself that it was probably too dark to see Tae-san in the CCTV footage since he was wearing black and moved so swiftly. Or then again, it could be another case of using a wrong camera angle during the editing process.


How could Tae-san scale the wall undetected in front of a camera?

Regarding Seung Woo’s betrayal, it upset me a little because I was so happy that he had not succumbed to Moon Ilseok’s manipulation in the earlier episode, but I always had this feeling that there is a possibility of him doing so because the ending to the confrontation scene between the two of them was not shown back then. His betrayal kind of erased some Β of the respect I had for him as an upright cop. I do hope the writer stops pushing him towards the dark side and let him right his wrongs. I saw some people speculating that Seung Woo might sacrifice himself to save Tae-san eventually. Could the writer possibly be setting up the stage for this? Hmm….


Noooo, Seung Woo, please return to the light!

I was surprised that Han Chi-gook offered his help to accompany Tae-san to infiltrate Moon Ilseok’s house. I have a bad feeling though that Han might die in the process. As for the ending, I’m pretty sure it’s a cop-out. Probably a figment of Tae-san’s imagination since he has been to the house before, and he has a very vivid imagination seeing how he always conjures up imaginary Soojin, LOL.

Lee Junki tweeted a “Wanted” poster yesterday of a real-life fugitive case in South Korea (he has since deleted the tweet), whereby a thief escaped from police custody with his handcuffs. Talk about reel life become real life! And Lee Junki is being so ironic by advising the fugitive to turn himself him. HA!


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