[Kdrama/Travel] Drama “Secret” filming locations

This is probably not an apt comparison, but as an avid drama watcher, wanting to visit a location that appeared in your favourite show is like how a religious person would want to visit the Mecca or Vatican City. When I see an exceptionally beautiful or memorable scene in a show, I sometimes find myself curious about the exact location of that place and wish I could insert myself into that scene. This thought did cross my mind while watching “Secret”, so I went to do some research on two particular places in the show that caught my eye. Perhaps fellow fans who are visting Korea in the near future may want to pay these places a visit and relieve those drama moments!

1. Gigantic bench in episode 14


I didn’t think much of this scene initially since I was too engrossed with the blossoming romance between our two main leads, until they zoomed out to reveal the whole bench. I had to do a double take and pause the video because something just did not look right in the picture — yes, it’s the oversized bench! I thought it was a really cool and creative piece of artwork. Who would have thought of constructing an oversized bench in a park?! I like the Alice in Wonderland kind of effect the bench gave to this scene…it’s like this couple are just living in their own fairytale land, or they are just insignificant beings in this harsh world, depending on how you interpret the scene.

Anyway, this Korean netizen was intrigued enough by the bench to locate it.  The bench is located at Yongsan Family Park (용산가족공원) near the Ichon and Seobinggo train stations in the Yongsan district of Seoul, and right next to the National Museum of Korea! This came a surprise to me, because I’ve been to Yongsan before but was not aware that a park existed this close to the station. But this means that visiting it will be convenient!

2. Scene with yellow flowers in episode 13&14


This was so beautiful it can easily be the drama’s classic scene. Scenes with beautiful flowers in Korean dramas never fail to capture my heart, but this particular one was wonderfully shot. Naturally, I HAD to find out where this scene was filmed at. Based on information from another resourceful Korean netizen, I found that the place is actually not within Seoul, but far far away at Goesan county in Chungcheong province. The exact place is called Mungwang Reservoir (충북 괴산 문광 저수지). From Dongseo bus terminal in Seoul, take a two-hour bus ride to Goesan bus terminal (괴산 시외 버스공용터미널). Then, it is another 20min bus ride to Shingiri (신기리) near the reservoir. That’s a lot of travelling. Well, good stuff are always harder to get. Prior to this drama, the place already seemed to be quite famous for its magnificent autumn scenery. Looking at photos of this place online, I think it is pretty enough to look at even when it is not autumn.

3. Railroad near Kang Yoo Jeong’s house in episode 10



Learning about the location of this railroad was more coincidental rather than intentional as I did not consider this place beautiful, so it’s definitely not high on my list of drama locations to visit. I just happen to read this blog post about this location. What I found unique was that the railway track cuts across a road travelled by cars. I know this is not uncommon in many countries, but such railways are almost non-existent in my country. Similar to the bench, this is also located in Yongsan, and it is called the Baekbin railroad crossing (백빈건널목) at Ichon-ro, 29-gil (이촌로29길), where the Jungang railway line travels. This road can be reached by foot via exit 1 of Yongsan station in Seoul.

The place as seen in reel and real life.

The place as seen in reel and real life.


Note: I have yet to personally visit these places myself. All information were sourced online, so all credit go to the Korean bloggers!


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