[Stargazing] All hail the Empress! Ha Ji Won in Singapore


I never dreamt that Ha Ji Won would actually set foot in Singapore to promote “Empress Ki”, possibly one of my favourite Kdramas ever. Yes, the show wasn’t perfect, but I still haven’t gotten over the show after almost a year. That speaks volumes.

She was here for a public meet-and greet session at Plaza Singapura shopping mall. I’m not a die-hard fan of her, so while I probably wouldn’t fork out money to go watch her at a fan meeting, I couldn’t afford to miss this chance to see her at a free public event! Call me stingy.

She answered questions about Empress Ki and also played some silly game with fans. The event lasted less than an hour, which is often the case for such mall events since you get to watch for free. I managed to record a fancam, where you can listen to her interview.

She was polite, friendly and cheerful throughout, and she seemed like a genuinely nice person. After meeting Emperor Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) in Taipei just last month, getting to meet Empress Ki in Singapore is an icing on the cake. I think my life as an “Empress Ki” fan is complete!!^^

*Pictures are taken by me. Please do not edit the pictures.


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