A new home!

Ok, I haven’t literally moved out of my house. Rather, I’ve shifted my personal blog to a new address.

Why the sudden change?

To be honest, I’ve always had difficulty recalling the spelling of my previous blog URL. Over the years, people also came to know me through my YouTube postings and elsewhere under the username Daegorr, so I thought it was only natural that my own blog uses the same name too. I’ll probably tidy up my blog a bit at the same time too.

When I first started a blog, I intended for it to be a really personal one about mundane stuff in daily life. But it seems like fan-girling has always been second nature to me so I ended up posting mostly stuff about my favourite celebrities.

I hardly ever find time to blog, but I hope to find time to be more active here. And maybe post more stuff about my favourite oppas. There’s always time to fangirl, hee hee.


3 thoughts on “A new home!

  1. Hey Gabby! It’s been a long time since we chatted here. I didn’t realise that you changed your blog…hope to see you more frequently here at blogosphere 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for remembering me hehehehe. Well, I realised that maintaining a blog is a lot harder than I thought. Takes a lot of discipline!

      1. LOL….actually I was going through one of my older posts and saw your comment there and I thought, Oh we haven’t talked from a long time 🙂
        Good luck with the blogging!

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