[Stargazing] Oh my gosh! Cast of “Oh My Ghost” in Singapore


I haven’t seen the drama “Oh My Ghost” even though it was originally on my ‘to-watch’ list and I’ve heard good comments about it. So by right, there was no reason for me to get excited about the leads, Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok, coming to Singapore. But I’ve always had a certain liking for the two of them; I liked Cho Jung Seok in “King 2 Hearts”, and found Park Bo Young likeable enough in “Werewolf Boy” and the SPEED music video that she starred in with Ji Chang Wook. Since they are not exactly Hallyu stars, they seem to be the unlikeliest duo to visit Singapore, so this rare opportunity to see them in the flesh was not to be missed!

The two of them were in Singapore for the first time ever to promote their drama “Oh My Ghost”, which is airing at a local TV station on cable. They appeared at a public meet-and-greet session at West Mall. The thing I like about such public events is that they are free of charge! I probably wouldn’t pay to see them at a fan meeting since I’m not a big fan, but I’ve no issues with travelling halfway across the island to see them at a shopping mall.

Maybe because the mall wasn’t a big one to begin with, I was surprised to find all the good spots taken up by the time I got there, which was more than an hour before the event was scheduled to start. I should’ve known that Singaporeans are good at queueing up and waiting in such occasions -__-


The event started on time and both of them seemed genuinely surprised and grateful to see so many fans waiting to see them. Aww. Park Bo Young was especially adorable. It was a pity that the sound system at the venue was quite pathetic. It was hard to hear what they were saying during the interview. I recognised the interpreter as the same one who translated for Ha Ji Won when she visited Singapore last year.

Cho Jung Seok described Park Bo Young as a mango, while she compared him to an apple. What I thought most interesting was a question posed by a fan about the location of the Sun Restaurant that was featured in the drama. The cast said the restaurant was situated in Seoul, but the interior was filmed in a set, and the restaurant no longer exists. That’s a pity. Too bad for those who plan to visit the place on their next trip to Seoul.

I didn’t take any pictures this time, but recorded a fancam instead. Not sure if that was a good idea because my arms felt like breaking by the end of the event.


More than a week after seeing them, I still haven’t seen the drama, and I wonder if I’ll ever start on it. I did, however, see the short segment that Seo In Guk appeared in as a cameo. Hee Hee. It was short but funny enough.

It could have been funnier if the director had included all his ad libs though as seen in the “making of” video.

“Where exactly did you learn how to cook?”

“My grandmother” (in English)

“Your halmoni (grandmother)?”

“Yup!” (in English)


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