[Stargazing] Joo Won stops by Singapore for Yong Pal


I’ve heard that Joo Won has had plans of coming to Singapore for a fan meeting since a long time ago, so I was surprised and delighted when he DID come finally, albeit not for a proper fan meeting. Rather, he made a whirlwind stop here on invitation by the TV station to promote his latest drama “Yong Pal”, which was airing on cable TV in Singapore.

His schedule was really insane. He was in Jakarta the previous night to promote Yong Pal, then flew over to Singapore the next morning. Upon reaching at around noon, he was whizzed off to a press conference and probably did some media interviews too. Then, he was due to meet fans at a public meet-and-greet session at Suntec City Mall at 7.15pm.

I arrived at around 5pm and managed to get what was probably the last decent spot on the second floor with an unobstructed view of the stage. I never liked squeezing with the other fans on the first floor in front of the stage, since I was definitely going to be blocked by taller people any way. Second floor is always the best!

A huge crowd soon gathered (bigger than I had expected; about 3000 people according to news reports) and the wait seemed forever because he was late by about easily half an hour. Though I guess I shouldn’t blame him since he was inevitably going to be delayed given the tight schedule.


Park Hye Soo, the petite winner of the KPOP Star talent show who starred as his on-screen sister in the drama, opened the event by singing her OST from the drama. The staff screwed up by playing the wrong song initially, but luckily they got it right the second try. I’ve never seen her on TV before, but I thought she looked a bit like actress Baek Jin Hee (who acted as Tanashiri in “Empress Ki”). I think it’s not easy to sing in a shopping mall given the poor acoustics and poor sound system, but she did a good job singing, proving that her win on the talent show was a well-deserved one. It’s quite rare to see a singing perform in a shopping mall, especially a Korean singer.  I think the only other person I know who has sang in shopping malls is Seo In Guk, who is also a winner of a talent competition himself. All these talent shows are definitely good at picking out real singers!

Anyway, when Joo Won finally appeared, he seemed visibly tired (of course, right?). Perhaps even more shocking was his dressing, as he looked like a martial arts teacher at first glance. Or should I say Tai-chi master? Even his Korean fans on DC were complaining about what a bad job his stylist has done.

My spot at the side of the stage meant that I could hardly hear anything he was saying into the microphone due to the poor audio. What’s surprising? I just kept myself busy taking fancams as usual.

I didn’t watch “Yong Pal”, and I have no intentions of watching it in the future given all the bad reviews I’ve heard. It doesn’t seem to be the kind of drama I’ll like either. But I still came to see him because I liked him a lot in Gaksital and Baker King. And I also saw a few episodes of him in “One Night Two Days”. But his recent works don’t quite appeal to me, unfortunately. Hope he comes back with a new piece of work that catches my eye again some day!


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