[Translation] Squad 38: Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Seok – 1st Look Vol. 112

The Men’s Cheerful Drama


A meeting between two men who seem like they will never be compatible with each other in this life. One of them is a tax official known for his sincerity, the other is a legendary swindler who doesn’t know about failure. Because of brazen tax defaulters, the two board the same ship and embark on a chaotic voyage. But alas, the meeting between the two of them, who share many things in common, is a wonderful one right from the start. 

Behind his kind face is brilliant intelligence, Seo In Guk

A youth who convincingly passed a competition — one that was so intense and hopeless that rendered it unrealistic — with his  innocent smile and amazing talent, soon changed his footsteps a little and discovered yet another possibility that he couldn’t have imagined. And without anxiety or conceitedness, he steadily widened his spectrum of expression, slowly and step by step. This is the story of us discovering and meeting actor Seo In Guk. He who extracts and proves his potential with a new image each time, is now back with a sly smile. He is back as Yang Jung Do in the OCN drama Police Unit 38 that will be a breath of fresh air in our stifling reality. The role of Yang Jung Do that he has chosen is a naturally-gifted swindler with good looks that can bewitch anyone, exceptional intelligence, and eloquence. Using his unusual scamming ability on habitual tax evaders, he will work with Baek Sung Il (played by Ma Dong Seok), the chief of the Police Unit 38.


“The new character and setting is really interesting and fun. Honestly, I’m so busy with schedules till I can’t even get proper sleep, but I’ve forgotten about how tired I am because it is really interesting. The character has a lot of charm, and more importantly, the chemistry with (Ma Dong Seok) Hyungnim is really no joke. I’m not saying this out of courtesy, but the biggest reason that attracted me to this project is the opportunity to act with Hyung. Naturalness is the most important thing I regard when it comes to acting, and I think there’s no other actor like Hyung who can maintain an equilibrium while portraying a role naturally at the same time. Even when he appears for a short while, he does his part powerfully without messing up the scene as a whole, and leads to a better result instead. I sensed this while working with him on this project and learnt many things from him.”

Thanks to the close camaraderie between the two, the film set is always filled with bright smiles and warm energy. The bickering duo play around comfortably and definitely creates a synergy that is two, three times better in the show. On that stage, Seo In Guk quickly assimilates and freely displays his potential, and is in the process of moulding himself. With surprising concentration and intelligence, he will turn possibility into reality once again. “When In Gukkie starts filming, he displays a brilliant and unexpected ingenuity from his usual tender and pure image,” said Ma Dong Seok. Probably by the time this project ends, all of us will naturally fall for the intelligent charms of this man. Naturally and deeply, just like being caught in a scam.


Behind the overpowering energy is an intimate friendliness, Ma Dong Seok

Among the neatly dressed actors on the big and small screen, Ma Dong Seok is always the only exceptional presence. 180cm tall with ample weight, and tough muscles from his experience as a trainer; even if such ‘surprising’ special features of his external appearance do not come to mind, he is always huge and powerful in his shows. Even in a cameo appearance that barely lasts 10 seconds, he still does his part, such that even people who haven’t seen the movie will know of his role (movie Veteran), so there’s no need to say much. Even though he usually plays roles from the rough world of gangsters, moneylenders or detectives, he has a friendliness that always makes others want to call him “hyung” or “oppa”, and the cuteness of his shy smile that is unlike his dangerous exterior make him all the more special.  Ma Dong Seok doesn’t stop at typical roles that allow him to easily use his physical strength, but does different kinds of projects without rest and uses his own unique presence on places where he can tell his own story. No matter the role, he makes his role stand out with a human touch. This time, he returns as a shy, sincere, ordinary breadwinner and member of society.


“All this while, I’ve been wanting to play a role that is just a next-door ahjusshi, an ordinary office worker, or someone’s dad and husband. Although giving an honest and natural portrayal has always been my goal in acting, I had this wish to meet a person and story that is easily found around us. Fortunately, this project will probably be able to fulfil this desire of mine to some extent. Actually, I’ve had a strong interest in this project since it was in the planning stages because it is produced by the same team I worked with last year, and I’m also certain about its quality. I also had a strong desire to work with the best production team once again. After doing some filming, it seems like this will indeed be an awesome project that will make me fall in love with it over and over again unknowingly. Every episode will be like watching a movie.”

A naive tax collection officer and a swindler with a ‘sexy’ mind and appearance; just as important as the bonding process of these two characters that are like oil and water, he gives his total concentration on how interestingly and intelligently the two of them will form a relationship. His chemistry with Seo In Guk — whom he fortunately has “only heard good things from colleagues and has high expectations” before meeting him — will be a perfect one, which naturally increases his excitement and motivation. “Just like how he is learning many things from Hyung, I want to be a good influence and forge a lifelong relationship,” he says of his praiseworthy and reliable dongsaeng whom he is thankful for. This show that will be created by the man Ma Dong Seok, who amplifies his roles, relationships and projects, will certainly be worth looking forward to.


Translated from Korean to English by Gabby. Please do not take out translations from this site. 

Behind-the-scenes pictures and video here.


Credit: 1st Look


2 thoughts on “[Translation] Squad 38: Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Seok – 1st Look Vol. 112

  1. This makes me 100x more excited for Police Unit 38 XD Looking forward to the bromance hehe. Thank you for the translation!

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