[Stargazing] Kim So Hyun 1st Meet and Greet in Singapore (Let’s Fight Ghost)

Teen actress Kim So Hyun was in Singapore over the weekend at the invitation of Viu, a local drama streaming service, to promote her latest Kdrama “Let’s Fight Ghost”, and I was there at her public meet-and-greet session held at a shopping mall on Saturday.

*(Viu refers to the drama as “Bring It On, Ghost”, but I prefer to use the former since it’s a closer translation of the original Korean title).

I first saw Kim So Hyun on TV in “The Moon Embraces the Sun”, and then in “Rooftop Prince”. She acted as the younger version of bitchy female characters in both dramas so it was hard to like her, but that also means that she played both roles really well. I saw “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” too, which she apparently starred in, but I have no recollection of her role. Although she has taken on leading roles in more recent dramas, the only one I saw was “Let’s Fight Ghost”. Given her performance, I’m sure she will be a top actress in Korea when she grows up.

While I don’t proclaim to be a fan of her, I was there in the capacity of a fan of the drama series. I found myself unexpectedly loving “Let’s Fight Ghost” (I would go to the extent of declaring it as my favourite drama of the year, before the year is even over), and I was completely won over by the main couple, convincingly played by Ok Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun. While I would have preferred to see Taecyeon (actually, I had seen him live on stage 5 years ago but I wasn’t a fan of him back then *regret*), getting to see Kim So Hyun wasn’t too bad either, given how pretty and talented she is.


I had been to the same mall, Plaza Singapura, for Ha Ji Won’s meet-and-greet session a couple of years back, and I thought the mall seemed like a good place for such events as there was adequate standing room. I arrived about 3 hours before the event was due to start at 2pm, and I was surprised to find that all the best standing spots that had a good view of the stage were already taken up! (By the way, I must add that I was also surprised to see that she has so many fanboys!) It didn’t help that the mall had changed its layout slightly since the event 2 years ago and one side of the area from the second floor onwards was completely blocked by a huge banner. I barely managed to squeeze myself into a spot on the first floor right next to the stage, which would later prove to be a mistake because our view was constantly blocked by the emcee, stage crew and security guards when the show began.

I can totally understand how fans could pass out while waiting at such events because the crowd made the place so hot and stuffy. It’s amazing how Kim So Hyun, at a mere age of 17, is able to draw such a huge crowd that filled seven floors of the mall! It was even more surreal hearing the whole crowd chant her name in unison to welcome her (we sounded like some cult or election rally). Imagine what the other shoppers must’ve been thinking!


After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Kim So Hyun arrived about 5 to 10 minutes after the scheduled time of 2pm. I would still consider that punctual since I’ve been to other events where the star arrived almost an hour late. I know these stars usually have a press conference or event elsewhere before rushing over, but arriving on time will give the public a good impression nonetheless.

I usually record fancams at such events, but the crowd and obstruction from the security guards made this quite impossible. Viu had a livestream of the event anyway so you can watch videos of Kim So Hyun on Viu’s site [click].

I’m a female myself but words cannot express how beautiful a lady she is. Is she really a 17-year-old? She is sweet and petite but carries an air of elegance and maturity beyond her years after being in the entertainment industry for so long. She puts me to shame. She seemed a tad shy and soft-spoken (could barely hear her through the mic) but I’m sure she will get better at public events in the many years to come.


The shipper in me couldn’t help but be excited whenever she mentioned Taecyeon’s name. In fact, she mentioned multiple times in her various interviews in Singapore about how much she enjoyed working with Taecyeon and how much she likes him. I know she probably said those because she was here to promote the drama, but please allow me to bask in the happiness in my happy bubble. It’s rare that I ship any couples in kdramas, so you can tell how much I really love Bong Pal and Hyun Ji together!

Below are more photos I took of Kim So Hyun at the event. Her smile is so lovely!

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One thought on “[Stargazing] Kim So Hyun 1st Meet and Greet in Singapore (Let’s Fight Ghost)

  1. Omg I can’t believe you actually got to meet her! I’m so jealous! Any time you want to share your personal experiences with Hallyu, please drop by our blog and send us a message! We are writers who are taking Kdramas and putting them into novel format. We love them so much, we wanted to merge the worlds. So we are always seeking out people to interview and gain view points from.

    I am excited to explore your blog and find out more about you! Cheers!


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