[Korean drama review] Touching You 널 만질거야


“Touching You” won’t touch you emotionally, but it doesn’t hurt to give this web drama a chance if you just want to kill time.

Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, romance, mystery, comedy

Synopsis: Do Jin Woo (played by Ok Taecyeon) is a psychic who has the ability to see someone’s future just by touching the person. He meets a customer, Jin Hee Young (played by Song Ha Yoon), and he sees a vision of her dying. He tries to protect her, and falls in love with her at the same time. Will he be able to change her fate?

P.S. I actually wrote this review 4 months ago but got too busy, so I’m posting this really belatedly! Oops.


After coming to like Taecyeon in the drama Let’s Fight Ghost, I looked up his filmography and was surprised to learn that he starred in this Naver web drama, which was aired around the same time. Coincidentally, this web drama also deals with the supernatural, and if you take into account his upcoming movie House Above Time (working title) in which he stars as a priest, Taecyeon would have starred in a total of 4 supernatural shows. Ha! I don’t like horror shows, but supernatural shows always have great potential to be novel and interesting. Anyway, I don’t think he risks being typecasted yet, so I’m not complaining.

Love and hate – The length and story

This web drama has a total of 12 episodes, each about 15 minutes long, making this equivalent to the length of a typical 2-hour movie. This doesn’t require much time and emotional investment on the part of the viewer, so you probably won’t feel as enraged if the show fails to deliver. It sounds short, but I think the length was just nice enough for the show to tell us the story it wanted to tell at a decent pace. Although the show had an interesting premise and several plot twists, the plot twists weren’t particularly mind-blowing (I do think the twist at the very end was a very good one though). I thought the writing was still rather amateurish and lacked the complexity of most Korean dramas of today. I guess this was the reason why this story was only good enough to be made as a web drama. Fortunately, the story got slightly better in the second half of the series when Jin Woo began to play detective/stalker and got closer to unravelling the mystery.


[Spoiler] The story arc involving a foreign celebrity and her Korean manager really made me want to cringe and laugh because of the cheesiness. From the way their misunderstanding was resolved to them playing Cupid for the main OTP, everything just fell into place too nicely. And the lines were cheesy! [end of spoiler]

Love and hate – The characters and acting

I didn’t have much feelings for the main couple as I did not sense much chemistry between them. It didn’t help that the female lead was kind but made silly decisions. They were cute together, but didn’t leave me wanting for more interactions between them.

Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon

Actor Park Joo Hyung, who made a deep impression with his role as the evil but somewhat silly villain in the hit drama Gaksital/Bridal Mask, has a supporting role here as Jin Woo’s awkward best friend — the kind who seems like he would fit into a “Forever Alone” meme. His character was funny and I liked the camaraderie he shared with Jin Woo; he even manages to be a useful sidekick to Jin Woo, but I can’t help but think that the character could be even funnier if played by a more experienced actor like Sung Dong Il.

Taecyeon and Park Joo Hyung

Taecyeon’s acting here is nothing to shout about (his looks are though, especially with those glasses), and the drama doesn’t give him as many opportunities to emote as Let’s Fight Ghost did. But I did enjoy seeing him pretend to be a socially awkward geek. Given how funny he is in reality, such innocent, awkward, comedic characters seem to suit him quite well.


When you consider the performance of the other cast members, Taecyeon’s acting is actually above average. Kim Jong Moon, who stars as the female lead’s boyfriend, probably takes the cake for showing bad acting that is almost cringe-worthy. I don’t usually criticise actors in my reviews since I can’t act for the life of me, but I’m sorry, this guy needs to put in a lot more effort to improve in his acting.

Kim Jong Moon

[Rant + Spoiler] Towards the later part of the series, there was a lady who showed an interest in Jin Woo after learning that he was no quack psychic. I was expecting her to stand up for him when Jin Woo was being misunderstood by Hee Young, but she didn’t do anything! She just stood there and watch him get scolded. Seriously? Her character ended up serving no purpose in the drama. [end of spoiler]


Overall: 5.5/10
Enjoyment: 6.5/10

I’ve seen a few Korean web dramas and some of them have been really good despite their short length (Splash Splash Love would be a perfect example), so I think it’s a pity that such gems generally go unnoticed by regular audiences. Touching You probably can’t be considered one of those gems because of its mediocre writing and acting. But I have a love-hate relationship with this drama. Given its short length and somewhat entertaining mystery and supernatural plot, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a watch (especially if you like Taecyeon, ahem).

If all else fails, just admire the pretty.


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