[Stargazing] Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in Singapore for “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

Aww. This shy couple is oozing sweetness in both reel and real life.

Knowing that Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young were coming to town this weekend, I rushed to complete 16 episodes of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” in five days, finishing it just the night before. I liked the show’s wackiness, the main couple and side characters (especially the gangster Baek Tak), and how it had a very strong and independent female lead throughout the series, which is quite atypical of a Korean drama.

Having stayed up till 4am to complete the series, I ended up waking up later and found the venue packed by 11am. All the prime spots with good view of the stage were taken up, so I had to content with a spot on the fourth floor. Frankly, the shopping mall, Plaza Singapura, has a layout that is far from ideal for such events. This is my 4th time coming to this mall to see a Korean star; I wonder why organisers keep choosing this mall given the tight space! But I digress.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young were here not just to promote their drama, but also as guests of the Korea Travel Fair that was being organised by the local branch of the Korean tourism organisation. After the opening speech, the crowd, which filled all seven floors of the mall (I think there was easily more than 1,000 people), was treated to a traditional Korean dance performance before the two stars appeared. I noticed that the emcee of the event was the same guy who hosted Lee Dong Wook when he came to the same mall two weeks ago (I still haven’t posted about this! I procrastinate too much).

Park Bo Young looked as petite and cute as when I saw her two years ago. I’ve liked Park Hyung Sik ever since I saw him in the drama “What Happens to my Family” so I was naturally more excited about seeing him for the first time. He looked tall and handsome, even despite wearing those ripped jeans (I’m not a fan of ripped jeans).

The pair posed for some photos on stage before heading backstage and reappearing again for an interview. Standing four floors above the stage, they were barely audible due to the lousy sound system, so I had no idea what they spoke about during the interview. All I could see was the top of their heads, except for the rare occasion where they turned around or looked upwards. I did notice that both of them were very shy and embarrassed throughout the whole interview session, during which they repeatedly covered their faces with their hands or microphone, and even ran backstage to hide when a video of their kissing scene from the drama was played on the screen. LOL. So cute!

Park Hyung Sik hiding backstage when the kissing video was playing.

They then gave out the panda cat stuffed toy featured in the drama to several members of the audience before taking group photos with some lucky winners of a draw (I submitted my name for the draw too but I had no luck). The crowd screamed whenever the duo gave a hug to those lucky fans. Fan service never fails to drive fans wild.

Their appearance was pretty long compared to other promotion events by other celebrities, which makes me wish I had woken up earlier to get a better spot. Lesson learnt!

At least I still managed to take some photos from my spot on the fourth floor. I must say I’m somewhat amazed at myself, eh hem.

Please do not crop, edit my photos or remove the logo. 로고크롭, 2차가공 금지.

Please do not crop, edit my photos or remove the logo. 로고크롭, 2차가공 금지.



3 thoughts on “[Stargazing] Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in Singapore for “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

  1. Thank you for your post!! It’s amazing! Your photos are so HD and beautifully taken 😍 It must have been fun!! 🙂 thank you again! It’s hard to find blog posts about this event.

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