About Me


Conversant in English, 中文, 한국어 (but I honestly suck at the latter two)

Loves Kpop (or maybe not. Among my biases, Super Junior is perhaps the only kpop idol I like, though I admit to not being as crazy about them as I was before. In case you are wondering, my favourite member is Yesung. I prefer listening to ballads and OST songs, including the instrumentals)

Loves Korean dramas (It all started with Iljimae in 2008 that heralded the start of my obsession with the land of Kimchi)

My bias list (in no particular order) – Ji Chang Wook, Lee Seung Gi, Seo In Guk, Ji Sung, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Je Hoon, Lee Joon, Park Hyung Shik, Super Junior Yesung, 2PM, Lee Dong Wook, Yoon Hyun Min, Park Seo Joon

I used to be a Cantopop fan once upon a time (a pop genre that is sadly not popular among my peers. I was a fan of Hong Kong stars like Twins, Joey Yung and Nicholas Tse)

My dream is to travel around the world (Yes, I need to expand my horizons beyond Korea, and I need $$)

Socially awkward (I usually don’t initiate conversations, but that doesn’t mean that I’m…mean)

So what is daegorr suppose to mean? (The name “daegorr” was inspired by the drama “King 2 Hearts”, where “대거 (dae-kor)” is supposedly the North Korean equivalent of how the South Koreans say “대박 (dae bak)”. I had a hard time coming up with an online moniker of sorts that sounded both cool and nice. I don’t like this name, but I’ve been using it for so long so I’ll just stick to it)



16 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Helloooo, nice to meet you! Thank you! I just started blogging not too long ago so there’s not much stuff to see. LOL, getting sucked into the land of kimchi was one of the best things ever and I don’t regret it haha. It’s amazing to see how so many people around the whole can be united by a common love 😀

      1. Hello Gabby,
        Nice blog and thanks very much for sharing the article and trans. I am really happy and he mentioned about a sequel to Iljimae, aww!!! ;), I really hope that they will materialize and they will make a real Iljimae 2. There has been an Iljimae 2 with Min Woo (sorry, can’t remember the name), but i can only say that i i just irritated myself with the narrator:) Anyway, the acting is OK but i prefer the original one. I think, no one can portray the role as great as LJK. I really hope for a real part 2. Once again, thanks Gabby and lots of hugs to you. Have it great.

    2. missienelly, i can’t agree more ^^….It not only unites global fans of Kdrama, Kmovies & Kpop (although there are some who are “trouble makers;)…but having the same interest with all these “k’s”, multiplies my circle of friends. It is nice to have friends around the globe ^^ . Nice to have some people like Gabby who shares and translate things like this for people like me who cannot understand korean. have it great ^^ ❤

  1. Hi Gabby! I just finished watching “Secret” and was really curious about that gigantic bench at the park. Thanks to you, now I know where to find it once I travel SKorea. 🙂

  2. Just discovered “Happy Memory” and enjoyed Gabby’s comments on “Two Weeks.” But you saids you had not known of a man in Kdrama to sleep with a woman for money. What about Song Jung-ki’s character in “The Innocent Man” (aka “Nice guy”) in 2012? I’d like to read your opinions of that drama…

    1. Hi, the link you gave doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure what photo it is, but I’ve uploaded most of my pictures on this blog.

  3. Enjoying your blog, especially the Seo In Guk articles. I just discovered his great talent. Can you shed any light on his situation? There aren’t that many English articles about him but I have seen some about his contract negotiations, military enlistment and medical condition recently. Also are you the Gabby from Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen? I also read that blog.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I run that site too. I haven’t been following his news too closely. What I know is that Korean netizens are criticising him for intentionally delaying treatment so that his condition worsens and he can avoid enlistment. I initially thought this was a straightforward issue so I’m sad that things have gotten to this state. Hope things get better for him soon!

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