[Travel] Visiting filming locations of Korean drama “Goblin” in Seoul and Incheon

One of my favourite Korean dramas this year was Goblin (or “Dokkaebi” in Korean), so I decided to visit some of the drama’s filming locations during my trip to Korea in spring this year.

Given the drama’s popularity, you can easily find articles online that list down all the places featured in Goblin. I didn’t manage to visit all of them, as many of the locations were situated outside Seoul, and some places like Sunny’s chicken restaurant didn’t look very interesting to me so I gave them a miss. Here are a few of the more accessible (and interesting) ones that I visited.

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[Korean drama review] Dokkaebi/Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Every moment with you shone, every moment was worth it.

Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, romance, comedy

Synopsis: Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo) was once a formidable warrior who slayed countless enemies in Goryeo. After his death, he is reborn as a dokkaebi (an immortal better known as a goblin in the English-speaking world) as a punishment and reward for the many lives he took as a human. He searches for his destined bride (Kim Go Eun) who is the only one capable of pulling out the sword stuck in his chest to end his life of immortality. Along the way, he ends up being unlikely housemates with a grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook).  Hijinks ensue and the past and present start to intertwine… 
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[Korean drama review] Touching You 널 만질거야


“Touching You” won’t touch you emotionally, but it doesn’t hurt to give this web drama a chance if you just want to kill time.

Genre: Supernatural, fantasy, romance, mystery, comedy

Synopsis: Do Jin Woo (played by Ok Taecyeon) is a psychic who has the ability to see someone’s future just by touching the person. He meets a customer, Jin Hee Young (played by Song Ha Yoon), and he sees a vision of her dying. He tries to protect her, and falls in love with her at the same time. Will he be able to change her fate?

P.S. I actually wrote this review 4 months ago but got too busy, so I’m posting this really belatedly! Oops.

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[Stargazing] Kim So Hyun 1st Meet and Greet in Singapore (Let’s Fight Ghost)

Teen actress Kim So Hyun was in Singapore over the weekend at the invitation of Viu, a local drama streaming service, to promote her latest Kdrama “Let’s Fight Ghost”, and I was there at her public meet-and-greet session held at a shopping mall on Saturday.

*(Viu refers to the drama as “Bring It On, Ghost”, but I prefer to use the former since it’s a closer translation of the original Korean title).

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[Translation] Lee Joon Gi – Arena Homme September 2016 interview

Misunderstanding prohibited

If you thought you knew Lee Joon Gi, you actually didn’t know him at all.

Did you go for tanning?
I got a little dark because of filming.

I never imagined that dark skin would suit you.
Is it alright? Haha 

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[Travel] Short trip to Sri Lanka


It’s been a while since I last updated, and that’s because I was busy travelling overseas for work. Sri Lanka is famous for its tea (I’m a tea lover), its glorious temples and safaris, so I was somewhat eager to see this country for myself during my short stint there that lasted no longer than a week. I didn’t get to see a lot since I wasn’t there for leisure, so I’ll just highlight the few attractions I got to see.  Continue reading “[Travel] Short trip to Sri Lanka”