[Fangirl musings] Squad 38 – First Impressions (ep 1-2)

Yay! A new Seo In Guk drama! And it’s even a crime drama (my favourite!). I’m glad to say that the show has gotten off to a good start. If this drama is a scammer, then I’ve already taken its bait.

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[Korean movie] Countdown to Lee Je Hoon’s “Phantom Detective” (Updated 9 May)

Looks like I became a Lee Je Hoon fan at the right time. Just after completing “Signal”, I looked up Lee Je Hoon’s filmography and noticed he had a movie that has yet to be released. The media seemed to read my mind, as it was soon announced that the movie in question, “Detective Hong Gil Dong: The Missing Village” (also known by its official English title as “Phantom Detective”), would be released this May!  Continue reading “[Korean movie] Countdown to Lee Je Hoon’s “Phantom Detective” (Updated 9 May)”

A first look at Kill Me Heal Me Director’s Cut set


Call me crazy, but I actually forked out a 3-figure sum to buy a DVD set! That was how much I liked the drama “Kill Me Heal Me”.

Note: Contents of the director’s cut package are protected by strict copyright, so I won’t be sharing very specific contents. All photos have to be watermarked also. This post is only meant to be a review of sorts. 

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[Fanvid] Secret Love

I don’t know why I keep posting stuff about Secret even though I didn’t find it an exceptionally good drama. Anyway, I just thought that the song “Going Crazy” by Song Eun Ji really matched the story of Minhyuk’s and Yoojeong’s relationship in the drama to a T, so I felt that I just HAD to make a fanvid out of this. So here goes:

[Kdrama/Travel] Drama “Secret” filming locations

This is probably not an apt comparison, but as an avid drama watcher, wanting to visit a location that appeared in your favourite show is like how a religious person would want to visit the Mecca or Vatican City. When I see an exceptionally beautiful or memorable scene in a show, I sometimes find myself curious about the exact location of that place and wish I could insert myself into that scene. This thought did cross my mind while watching “Secret”, so I went to do some research on two particular places in the show that caught my eye. Perhaps fellow fans who are visting Korea in the near future may want to pay these places a visit and relieve those drama moments!

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[Fangirl Musings] Empress Ki – Ep1&2


I managed to squeeze in some time to watch the first two episodes of Empress Ki amid my busy schedule of school projects that seems endless. I had no intentions of watching this drama, that is, until Ji Chang Wook signed on to be the second lead. So I’ll make this clear that I’m watching this show solely because of him, so whatever I say about this show is probably biased towards him, because I can’t help it! Haha. Continue reading “[Fangirl Musings] Empress Ki – Ep1&2”

[Fangirl Musings/Review] Two Weeks episodes 19&20 (finale)


We’ve finally reached the end! It seems like my life got shortened by two years from watching this show. This D-Day sign made me feel both relieved and sad that the show was ending, that Jang Taesan’s journey of suffering was finally ending, for better or worse. Overall, I was very pleased with this show and it’s definitely going into my list of Top 10 Kdramas. The top-notch acting, great writing with twists and turns in every episode, plus the nice balance of action and emotional scenes in this show make this worth a rewatch. Oh, and how could I forget the sizzling, fluffy cotton-candy, “awww”-inducing chemistry of this year’s unlikely kdrama couple — Soojin and Taesan!

My verdict:

Overall: 9/10
Enjoyment: 10/10


[Warning, spoilers ahead!]

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[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 13&14


I really enjoyed these two episodes much more than those from the past two weeks. Writer is pulling out all the stops to shift the final leg of the story into high gear. All the action is back again, with barely enough time for my heart to take a rest. The father-daughter relationship also advances to a new level, and these scenes continue to wrangle tears out of me. Continue reading “[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 13&14”

[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 11&12


Is it just me or does the second half of this series seem to zoom past in a flash? We are only left with two more weeks to the finale!! I’ll be sad to bid this show goodbye. I’m still enjoying this show, although not as much as I did with the first half. The acting and pacing are still top-notch, but this show is starting to demand for a lot of suspension of belief from its viewers.

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[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 9&10


This week’s episodes are noticeably less action-packed than the previous ones as Taesan is now becoming an expert at his game of hide-and-seek as he starts playing mind games with his pursuers. There’s enough suspense to keep the show exciting with more flashbacks than usual to calm my nerves in between. But the writer obviously overestimated my level of intelligence as a viewer because I was left terribly confused in episode 10. I had to watch it twice to fully understand what happened. Show sure gave my brain a good workout.

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