[Stargazing] Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in Singapore for “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

Aww. This shy couple is oozing sweetness in both reel and real life.
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[Stargazing] Kim So Hyun 1st Meet and Greet in Singapore (Let’s Fight Ghost)

Teen actress Kim So Hyun was in Singapore over the weekend at the invitation of Viu, a local drama streaming service, to promote her latest Kdrama “Let’s Fight Ghost”, and I was there at her public meet-and-greet session held at a shopping mall on Saturday.

*(Viu refers to the drama as “Bring It On, Ghost”, but I prefer to use the former since it’s a closer translation of the original Korean title).

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[Stargazing] Joo Won stops by Singapore for Yong Pal


I’ve heard that Joo Won has had plans of coming to Singapore for a fan meeting since a long time ago, so I was surprised and delighted when he DID come finally, albeit not for a proper fan meeting. Rather, he made a whirlwind stop here on invitation by the TV station to promote his latest drama “Yong Pal”, which was airing on cable TV in Singapore.

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[Stargazing] Oh my gosh! Cast of “Oh My Ghost” in Singapore


I haven’t seen the drama “Oh My Ghost” even though it was originally on my ‘to-watch’ list and I’ve heard good comments about it. So by right, there was no reason for me to get excited about the leads, Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok, coming to Singapore. But I’ve always had a certain liking for the two of them; I liked Cho Jung Seok in “King 2 Hearts”, and found Park Bo Young likeable enough in “Werewolf Boy” and the SPEED music video that she starred in with Ji Chang Wook. Since they are not exactly Hallyu stars, they seem to be the unlikeliest duo to visit Singapore, so this rare opportunity to see them in the flesh was not to be missed!

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[Stargazing] All hail the Empress! Ha Ji Won in Singapore


I never dreamt that Ha Ji Won would actually set foot in Singapore to promote “Empress Ki”, possibly one of my favourite Kdramas ever. Yes, the show wasn’t perfect, but I still haven’t gotten over the show after almost a year. That speaks volumes.

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[Stargazing] We meet again, Seunggi!


Everyone’s-favourite-guy Lee Seunggi is currently in our “sunny” island of Singapore for his second fan meeting. Ok, “sunny” is an adjective often used to describe our island that sits on the equator, but the weather here has been very stormy lately. In fact, there’s a storm raging outside as I type now and there have been many reports of flooding, so poor Seunggi will probably not enjoy any sunshine during his two-day stay here. Anyway, I got to see Lee Seunggi at his public press conference held a few hours ago, woohoo!

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