A first look at Kill Me Heal Me Director’s Cut set


Call me crazy, but I actually forked out a 3-figure sum to buy a DVD set! That was how much I liked the drama “Kill Me Heal Me”.

Note: Contents of the director’s cut package are protected by strict copyright, so I won’t be sharing very specific contents. All photos have to be watermarked also. This post is only meant to be a review of sorts. 

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[Fanvid] Secret Love

I don’t know why I keep posting stuff about Secret even though I didn’t find it an exceptionally good drama. Anyway, I just thought that the song “Going Crazy” by Song Eun Ji really matched the story of Minhyuk’s and Yoojeong’s relationship in the drama to a T, so I felt that I just HAD to make a fanvid out of this. So here goes:

[Kdrama/Travel] Drama “Secret” filming locations

This is probably not an apt comparison, but as an avid drama watcher, wanting to visit a location that appeared in your favourite show is like how a religious person would want to visit the Mecca or Vatican City. When I see an exceptionally beautiful or memorable scene in a show, I sometimes find myself curious about the exact location of that place and wish I could insert myself into that scene. This thought did cross my mind while watching “Secret”, so I went to do some research on two particular places in the show that caught my eye. Perhaps fellow fans who are visting Korea in the near future may want to pay these places a visit and relieve those drama moments!

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