[News/Trans] Two weeks’ Lee Junki “As a 32-year-old romantic fool, acting as a dad was difficult” (Part 1)

Translator’s note: Lee Junki’s interviews are never ending! In part 1 of his interview with TVReport, Lee Junki talks about his close brush with death, the ridiculousness of Two Weeks, happenings on set, his “rivalry” with Park Hasun for their onscreen daughter, and is praised to the heavens by the reporter.

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[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 11&12


Is it just me or does the second half of this series seem to zoom past in a flash? We are only left with two more weeks to the finale!! I’ll be sad to bid this show goodbye. I’m still enjoying this show, although not as much as I did with the first half. The acting and pacing are still top-notch, but this show is starting to demand for a lot of suspension of belief from its viewers.

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[Fangirl Musings] Two Weeks Episodes 7&8


Oh my, what an episode! Episode 7 was alright, but episode 8 really took things up a notch — it’s probably my favourite episode of the series to date! Paths cross for our hero, his enemies and his potential allies, and we learn more about our tortured hero through flashbacks that put a nice saccharine touch to an otherwise adrenaline-filled show this week.

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[Fangirl musings] Two Weeks Episodes 1&2

Damn. I think my drama addiction has reached an all new high thanks to Two Weeks, which is an impressive action thriller with nice touching moments weaved in between. I’ve already seen the first two episodes TWICE (I don’t mind watching again to make it thrice), and I’m already all excited and fidgety about the upcoming episodes.

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