[Translation] Squad 38: Seo In Guk, Ma Dong Seok – 1st Look Vol. 112

The Men’s Cheerful Drama


A meeting between two men who seem like they will never be compatible with each other in this life. One of them is a tax official known for his sincerity, the other is a legendary swindler who doesn’t know about failure. Because of brazen tax defaulters, the two board the same ship and embark on a chaotic voyage. But alas, the meeting between the two of them, who share many things in common, is a wonderful one right from the start. 
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[Translation] Seo In Guk – The Celebrity 2016 January issue interview

Seo In Guk is returning to the small screen this June with his upcoming OCN drama Squad 38, where he plays a conman who assists the police in catching errant taxpayers. It is hence befitting that this interview — though published way back in January — was written along the theme of “naughtiness”. Looking forward to seeing him channel his inner bad boy on OCN!

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[Translation] Seo In Guk – Ceci October 2015 issue

It took me more than two weeks to work on this translation due to lack of time (and because his answers are so complex), I’m glad it’s finally done!

Seo In Guk, I Remember You


What did you do after your drama ended?
I met up with friends and drank a lot of alcohol. To be more specific, we drank Asahi black beer (laughs). I often went to the noraebang (karaoke) too. There are noraebang members; I often go with Junhyung from the group 2Bic, actor Ji Chang Wook, and another hyung. I also tried wakeboarding for the first time in my life.  

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[Translation] Seo In Guk – Nylon October 2015 issue: Another Autumn

jKD0VEBI’ve taken a liking to Seo In Guk after watching “I Remember You”, so I started to look up more information about him. I thought this interview from Nylon magazine was a very insightful one for a new fan like me and I like his mindset and personality. I didn’t see any English translation of this so I tried my best to do one. Do note that the interview contains spoilers of the drama for those who haven’t watched it yet.

*Text in bold are the questions. Text in italics are explanatory notes from me.

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