[Travel] Visiting the film set of korean sageuks – MBC Dramia / Dae Jang Geum Park

Ah~ how nice is it to be back in South Korea after 3 years! People always ask me why I keep going back to Korea, but there’s just so many things to see and rediscover in this vast country. And as long as I continue to love Korean entertainment with all my heart, I’ll definitely be a regular visitor.

One place that I didn’t manage to visit last time was MBC Dramia, which should be a compulsory stop on the itinerary of any Kdrama fan, especially for those who like sageuks (historical dramas). I enjoyed watching Empress Ki a lot, and that drama made me want to visit this place all the more. I’m happy to say that I finally got to check this off my bucket list during my trip to Korea this time!

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[Travel/Korea] Gyeongbukgung Palace

No holiday to Korea is complete without a visit to at least one of its palaces. I have seen four palaces so far, and I think the best is probably Gyeongbukgung. If you only have time to visit one, then Gyeongbukgung is the one you should go to, after all, it was the main palace during the Joseon dynasty.

Gwanghwamun – the main gate leading into the palace

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