[Travel] Day trip from Seoul to Incheon

Incheon train station

Pretty sure everyone has heard of Incheon, since that’s the first place you land at when you arrive in South Korea. But not many would have thought of sightseeing in Incheon. Having been to Seoul several times, I decided to go off the beaten path and made a day trip to Incheon.

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[Travel] Visiting filming locations of Korean drama “Goblin” in Seoul and Incheon

One of my favourite Korean dramas this year was Goblin (or “Dokkaebi” in Korean), so I decided to visit some of the drama’s filming locations during my trip to Korea in spring this year.

Given the drama’s popularity, you can easily find articles online that list down all the places featured in Goblin. I didn’t manage to visit all of them, as many of the locations were situated outside Seoul, and some places like Sunny’s chicken restaurant didn’t look very interesting to me so I gave them a miss. Here are a few of the more accessible (and interesting) ones that I visited.

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[Travel] Short trip to Sri Lanka


It’s been a while since I last updated, and that’s because I was busy travelling overseas for work. Sri Lanka is famous for its tea (I’m a tea lover), its glorious temples and safaris, so I was somewhat eager to see this country for myself during my short stint there that lasted no longer than a week. I didn’t get to see a lot since I wasn’t there for leisure, so I’ll just highlight the few attractions I got to see.  Continue reading “[Travel] Short trip to Sri Lanka”

[Travel] Visiting the film set of korean sageuks – MBC Dramia / Dae Jang Geum Park

Ah~ how nice is it to be back in South Korea after 3 years! People always ask me why I keep going back to Korea, but there’s just so many things to see and rediscover in this vast country. And as long as I continue to love Korean entertainment with all my heart, I’ll definitely be a regular visitor.

One place that I didn’t manage to visit last time was MBC Dramia, which should be a compulsory stop on the itinerary of any Kdrama fan, especially for those who like sageuks (historical dramas). I enjoyed watching Empress Ki a lot, and that drama made me want to visit this place all the more. I’m happy to say that I finally got to check this off my bucket list during my trip to Korea this time!

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[Travel/Korea] Busan: Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동 용궁사)

Honestly, I created this blog initially to document my travels in South Korea, but I know I got carried away and ended up blogging mostly about Korean dramas instead. Haha, the problem is that I’ve been to so many places in Korea and I’ve seen so many dramas that I don’t know where to start.

While I wait for new episodes of my latest drama crack (Two Weeks) to air, I thought it’d be good to share some of my experiences in Busan, a port city in the southern part of South Korea, which is also where our lead characters in Two Weeks first met, hehe.

Though I only stayed in Busan for one or two nights, one of my favourite and most memorable places here has to be the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, which can be loosely translated as the Dragon of the East Sea Temple.

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[Travel/Korea] Hello Kitty Cafe (Hongdae branch)

If you enjoy sitting at cafes, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the world pass by, then South Korea might be the place for you. There’s a cafe at almost every corner – Hollys Coffee, Cafebene, Starbucks, Paris Baguette, etc. But there are also many themed cafes around, and the Hello Kity cafe is one of those.

The cafe exterior

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