[Translation] High Cut Vol. 238 – Fiery Man and Woman (Kim Nam Gil and Lee Ha Nee)

Kim Nam Gil Honey Lee

Who knew we could experience such realistic pleasures from a manhwa-like drama, where you have a righteous priest donning a black coat who sets things right in a Gudam-gu monopolized by baddies.  Featuring a political-business collusion to a district cartel, to a celebrity-police drug scandal, “The Fiery Priest” set its best viewership ratings record and is now soaring higher.  Credit goes to all the leads and supporting cast — actors who displayed their passionate acting.  Especially these two who showed perfect chemistry despite the story not having an ounce of romance in it.  They are so happy even when calling each other crazy; we met up with (seemingly) real-life brother and sister Kim Nam Gil and Lee Hanee. Continue reading “[Translation] High Cut Vol. 238 – Fiery Man and Woman (Kim Nam Gil and Lee Ha Nee)”

[Korean drama review] Children of a Lesser God 작은 신의 아이들

“Do you like science?” is possibly the favourite question

Genre: Thriller, investigation, politics, comedy, action, supernatural, fantasy

Synopsis: Chun Jae In (Kang Ji Hwan) is a genius detective who only believes in science, while Kim Dan (Kim Ok Bin) is a female detective who has the power of a shaman to foresee people’s deaths.  The two team up to investigate a serial murder that is connected to an older case involving a religious group. Continue reading “[Korean drama review] Children of a Lesser God 작은 신의 아이들”

[Korean drama review] Are You Human Too 너도 인간이니

Who knew a robot could have so much life, heart and cuteness in it…or should I say, in him?

Genre: Sci-fi, action, romance, comedy

Synopsis: A genius professor, Oh Ro Ra (Kim Sung Ryung), creates Namshin III (Seo Kang Joon), a robot modelled after the likeness of her son, Namshin, after she gets separated from him by force. When her son gets into an accident, the robot is sent to take his place in disguise as a human.


Sci-fi is a genre that I’ve mostly stayed away from (especially shows about robots), and frankly, the highlight teaser of this drama did not appeal to me when it was first revealed during the 2017 KBS Drama Awards. I couldn’t bring myself to finish Yoo Seung Ho’s I’m Not a Robot, so the fact that this was yet another drama about robots actually made me want to stay clear of it. Hence, it was a great surprise that Are You Human Too turned out to be a fantastic watch. Gotta thank my friend for recommending this gem to me. In fact, it might even sit among my top 20 list of favourite Kdramas! 

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[Stargazing] A special memory with Lee Seung Gi

Group photo credit: Red Spade

After 5 long years, Lee Seung Gi finally returned to Singapore again for his 2018 Asia Tour, and I bought VIP tickets to his show without battling an eyelid.

This is his third visit to Singapore and I always made sure to see him whenever he came. In fact, his first fan meeting here in 2012 was the first one I ever attended in my life. I did not attend his 2013 fan meeting (something that I’ve been regretting), but at least I still managed to attend his press conference back then. Up till now, I don’t think I’ve seen any other Korean celebrity as many times as Seunggi, aside from Ji Chang Wook.  

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[Stargazing] Lee Dong Wook Asia Tour in Singapore 2017

Actor Lee Dong Wook was in Singapore on 15 April 2017 for his first overseas stop in his 2017 Asia Tour. Being a huge fan of “Goblin”, I just had to go for his public press conference and fan meeting!

Alas, I went overboard in taking too many photos of him, and coupled with real life matters that I had to prioritise, I only managed to sort through my photos and post this belatedly — more than a year after the event. Face palm.

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The King 2 Hearts in 2018: When drama becomes reality

North and South Korea have been dominating the headlines recently as both sides take a historic step towards achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula. The North looks set to move towards denuclearisation and an official end to the Korean War doesn’t seem too far off in the horizon.

As I read the news, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to a favourite Korean drama of mine — The King 2 Hearts. First aired in 2012, the drama fuses romance with action and politics as it depicts the romance between a South Korean king, Lee Jae Ha (played wonderfully by Lee Seung Gi ), and a North Korean special agent , Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won). I decided a re-watch was necessary, and as I savoured the drama again, I found myself in awe at how this masterpiece is turning out to be a close reflection of reality.
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[Travel] Day trip from Seoul to Incheon

Incheon train station

Pretty sure everyone has heard of Incheon, since that’s the first place you land at when you arrive in South Korea. But not many would have thought of sightseeing in Incheon. Having been to Seoul several times, I decided to go off the beaten path and made a day trip to Incheon.

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[Korean drama review] Save Me 구해줘

A thriller that will have you crying “Save me!” Salvation lies at the end, fortunately.

Genre: Thriller, horror, mystery, action

Synopsis: Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) and her family arrive at the town of Muji in the hopes of rebuilding their lives. All seems quiet and peaceful at this backwater town, but bad luck follows her family as they get drawn into a mysterious cult. Sang Mi tries to escape from the cult but has no one to turn to other than her newfound friends at school — Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) , Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan), Jung Hoon (Lee David) and Man Hee (Ha Hoe Jung).


I was excited to watch this drama with this being a thriller (one of my favourite genres) and Taecyeon’s final project before his mandatory army enlistment. I’m glad to say that this thriller was a decent one, but I was not prepared for the amount of goosebumps I had to endure.  

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[Korean drama review] The Bride of the Water God 하백의 신부

The drama gods did not bestow their grace on this fantasy drama.

Genre: Romance, fantasy

Synopsis: Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk), the god of water, arrives on earth to search for the three sacred stones he needs in order to ascend the throne. He mysteriously loses his powers and must enlist the help of his mortal servant, Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung), to help him navigate through this unfamiliar world. 

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[Travel] Visiting filming locations of Korean drama “Goblin” in Seoul and Incheon

One of my favourite Korean dramas this year was Goblin (or “Dokkaebi” in Korean), so I decided to visit some of the drama’s filming locations during my trip to Korea in spring this year.

Given the drama’s popularity, you can easily find articles online that list down all the places featured in Goblin. I didn’t manage to visit all of them, as many of the locations were situated outside Seoul, and some places like Sunny’s chicken restaurant didn’t look very interesting to me so I gave them a miss. Here are a few of the more accessible (and interesting) ones that I visited.

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